Resize content to fit on layout


I've created a layout with some elements as images and texts. Now I have to clone this elements to different layouts, so I copy/paste all the elements to the new layout. On new layout I want to resize the items to fit, but I can´t find the way to do this easily. The best way I found is selecting all elements and drag and drop, but texts are not resizing. Is there any way to do it?

Thanks in advance.

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If you select all, it will resize the bounds of the boxes proportionately, but this does not affect the text sizing.

A tempting workaround is to group items and use the scale property (which can be done also via command-resizing), but I typically recommend against this transform mode scale of text as well; since this creates extra work for the browser to do and in a lot of cases renders scaled elements as bitmaps so they may appear blurry. It is unfortunately better to do the work to manually adjust the text size property individually.

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