Request: Collisions for Games


(MMuser) #1

Version 3 looks amazing! But I would like to insist that to make games, a collision system is vital. Something like "If Object X intersects Object Y then Start Timeline…"
Thank you for this great product!

(briannhinton) #2

Not sure games is their focus. Personally I’d love to see baking of physics simulation to interpolated keyframes.

(strmiska) #3

i think the main business of hype is to create websites easely. additional using javascript (collision) you can also create games and apps. this is great. i hope the physic - engine for flexible layout will work soon!

(MMuser) #4

The word “games” actually does not do justice to the importance of collisions here… The thing is, you need collisions for a multitude of multimedia projects. We work with gamification and edutainment. In training we have many simulations and other situations where the student have to do things like drag the correct answers over other objects, collect or shoot stuff, etc. You figure.

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #5


you can easily embed any js-library which solves that issue …

(Ryan Nielsen) #6

We totally agree! While Hype 3 Pro doesn’t support events for collisions, it’s a feature we’re interested adding in a future update. I can’t make any promises as to when, but we certainly recognize the usefulness of such a feature.