Repositioning stage on back

I’m working on a demo using a main scene as menu with other contents displayed on sort of “pop up”.
When the pop up get closed, the main menu/screen was displayed but on top on browser for some time and then it change its position centered, correctly. Why the scene didn’t appear already in the correct position?

You can see the demo here
Click on the first blue screen to enter in the main menu and then go to “Brand Experience”.

Thank you

It’s pretty hard to tell what’s going on since we don’t have a document, but my guess is that during a scene transition something is going on with your flexible layout properties. Are you able to share a Hype document?

Thank you Daniel.
It’s attached.

Maurizio (1.6 MB)

Hmm I’m not sure why this isn’t working as expected. To get around this issue while we figure out what’s going wrong I think your best solution is to use an ‘instant’ transition for now.

Thank you Daniel!

This is a known bug in Hype where persistent symbols in a (non-persistent) group won’t be positioned correctly during a scene transition.

The easiest solution, which lets you keep the crossfade transition, is to simply move the “Simbolo” persistent symbol outside of the Group. I think your flexible layout settings will all still be good so it should be positioned the same.

Thank you jonathan!

Hi, on the same project…why the “loading” element is not centered:

Thank you

This is a bit different; the loading indicator occurs before the document has really been loaded (and thus flexible layout). Technically it is centered within the statically sized view.

Ok! Thank you!

Dear Jonathan, I have another question about the flexible layout of the same demo… If i open the page from iPhone (5) the scene are not reduced proportionally, I have to rotate horizontally to see all. Is it normal?
Thank you

For that page, it looks like a single layout loads for all devices, which results in it looking much better in landscape orientation:

If you want to, you can create multiple layouts that load depending on the width of the viewport.

Thank you Daniel,
I agree with you about the landscape orientation but anyway it should be displayed.
I’ve attached what I see on iPhone SE.

Thank you