Repositioning elements in their original position

Hello, I'd like to know how can I move the elements from their new position to their last position once they have been moved, like it is shown in the attached image.
Thanks a lot!

a relative timeline¿ :slight_smile:

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is not possible, because the elements are moved by dragging... (16,8 KB)


Wooo! I'm using Hype for years and I did not know this way to solve these challenges!
Thanks a lot!!!!


Hi Hans!
About the above code, do you have any great idea how to do the "reset" slowly instead of instantly?

As it is a timeline, ist should not bei instant by default. May be you can share a simple file? My provided example ist not Instant ... or?

You're right, in the example you provided the reset goes slowly. But, when I try to copy the example and its behavior I have seen these kind of round dots in the properties area. What does it means? I could not reproduce the example because this dots are necessary and I do not know how to make them...


You just have to define the timeline as a relative timeline in the scene inspector.



Great Kalle! know it work as I wanted!!!
Thanks a lot for your god and quick support!

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