Replacing/exchanging symbols not possible?


Hi there,

is there a way to simply replace a symbol? i have an animation and i just want to have the same animation but with another symbol (for another layout where the text needs to be smaller).

But i just cant see a “replace” button or simlilar.

Any help on that? Thought this would be easy as pie as it was in Flash… :wink:

Kind regards,

(Danny) #2

I was looking for the same thing myself.
Did you have any joy?

(Jonathan Deutsch) #3

Sorry, there’s no way to currently do this, but it is definitely a popular request from the Flash folks.

The best way you can do it is to copy animations from one symbol instance to the newer one.

(Porter Bayne) #4

Just adding my strong, vocal support for this feature. Purchased Pro and a little surprised I can’t swap symbols easily. Not sure I’ve used a design-y program with Symbols where I can’t swap them.