Replacement for dropbox?


I know dropbox will discontinue HTML rendering in September. However, I have been using it until I had time to figure out how to setup something else. I updated my Hype yesterday not realizing that the Dropbox integration had already been removed. Is there an easy way to get my file to render? I’ve looked into some things online but I can’t seem to get anything to work. I am not a developer. I use hype because it’s really easy to share prototypes with clients. Just send it to Dropbox and share the link.

I know this is probably a really basic question.

not so basic … but it has been discussed. Here there is a thread relating to the discussion.

I’ve linked to the more recent (ish) posts about using GitHub for one solution. A bit lower down is another video on using the desktop client which might be better for you.

Other options are FTP

Thanks so much I was trying to find this on line.