Replace symbols with parameters

Hi everyone,
I am currently working on a quite complex project were I created something like an accordion-element with the help of responsive timelines and symbols.
I now need a similar element (actually only text changes) in another scene. I can of course duplicate the symbols and change the text inside. But I did not find any way of replacing my old symbol with the new ones so I don’t have to copy all keyframes and positioning-parameters by hand for every symbol. Is there any way of doing this? Or at least making the process a bit quicker?
If there is no way. This would be a feature request from my side :wink: Something like in AfterEffects would be great: Selecting the object to replace, holding ALT and then dragging the new one onto the old one to replace it with all it’s parameters and animations.

Thanks in advance for any help

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Just to be clear.

You have for instance two scenes.
Both have their own symbols.

You want to duplicate a symbol from scene one and use it to replace a symbol in scene two but also want the new replacement symbol to automatically pick up all the timeline actions from the original scene two symbol it is replacing…

If so I do not think you can.

More or less… I actually want to duplicate the symbol in my resources (change some stuff inside) and then replace the original one. But the problem is the same I guess…

You can paste elements with animation but not paste and replace