Replace Item in the timeline with one highlighted in assets from resources

In Adobe Premiere, there is a method whereby you can replace an item on the stage with one you have selected in the resources. Essentially, you click on the item in the timeline, then right-click on the item you wish to swap from the resource bin and choose 'replace from BIN'. What this does is replace the timeline item while retaining everything else, including scaling, effects, timeline position—absolutely everything. I use this feature extensively and realised how often I could have utilised this quick replace method in Hype, and how much easier it would be if Hype incorporated this feature when I am duplicating scenes and simply want to swap a few items. Just a thought.


Thanks for the request!

We could definitely make this better/easier, but for now if you want to do this replacement for an image, you can go to the element inspector, and in the background section click 'choose' and find a new image in the open dialog. If your image is already in the resources library, it will then associate with that one -- but you still need to choose it from the open dialog.