Replace image in Timeline but keep properties

(Nic) #1

Hi! I have a complex scene where several elements are animated. now i need to replace an image. seems i have to delete the old image, insert the new one and set all the animation keyframes again.
or is there a way to replace the old image while keeping the keyframes? in after effect i can drag an new image from the library while holding alt-key on keyboard and drop the new image on the old one.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

If you are looking to globally replace the image, in the case several elements use it, you can drag an image of the same filename into the resources library and it will ask if you want to replace the existing one.

If you are just looking to replace the image of a single element, then you can go to the Element Inspector and click the Choose… button in the Background section to select a different image from disk.

(Nic) #3

yes perfect. already found out first solution but in this case i don’t want to replace globally. so second option is what i need. thanks jon