Repeating litte animation

Hi to all
I would like to fly a bee. I have animated it so that the wings change in short intervals from 50% opacity to 100% and back to 50%.
Currently, throughout the animation, I have set many points in the timeline at which the opacity is changed.
Is there a way to animate the opacity of the wings only once, i.e. from 100% to 50% and then have this repeat as long as I want it to?
Here is a link to this little animation:
Thanks a lot for your support.
Best regards, Urs

You can use timeline actions and additional timelines.

  1. Create a new timeline (like "Bee Loop")
  2. Animate in there
  3. Use timeline actions to restart the timeline at the end
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@jonathan recently did a live demo of animating a bee you might be interested in:

Thank you so much Max.
I was closed to the solution :smile:
I did the other timeline, did the animation there but didn't start this timeline.
Well, now is all clear and I appreciate your support!
Thanks again.
All the best, Urs

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Thank you Daniel for this nice Video. I didn't have a look till the end yet, but what I have seen so far, it's worth to see it.
All the best, Urs

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