Repeat image outside of main site container

I would like to find a way to repeat a image that will extend outside of the stage. for example if i create a gradient header background to animate over. I would like to extend it forever, then if somewhere else I want to add objects or boarders I would like to extend the same way separately. I could select these individually… Then when I choose the other layout sizes, these images could just shrink to fit and let them extend forever. If I add a repeat image to the index file once the stage size changes it will not line up with the background image anymore.

Do you have an example of how this should look on another site? You might be able to do this by setting ‘Content overflow’ to ‘Visible’ in the metrics inspector.

For example all sites that has a background image that you can set to repeat and fill any screen size. so background image will change with site dimension change instead of putting the repeat bg image in the index html file.