Remove ressources that are no longer used

I used a sample file from this forum to try out a javascript feature. But ultimately I decided against it and removed the ressources from the file. But I still used the file to build a website. Now I have the problem, that there are still references to the missing ressources somewhere - even though I do not use the feature. I get plenty of error messages in the browser developer window – stating that the ressources cannot be found. I want to delete the unused code from my hype document, but how? A few javascripts are saved with the html when I export the page, but the content look like jibberish to me.

That is highly unusual.

My guess is you have left some remnants in your head HTML. If you have removed every JS file from the resource library and your head HTML doesn’t contain any JavaScript, then most likely you have inserted your script into a rectangle (Little Pen Icon).

If that would be the case: Unfortunately, you’ll need to meticulously inspect the rectangles on your stage, or recall where you might have embedded it if it’s still there. Additionally, consider whether you’re using an export script, as these can also introduce scripts into your project.

Hype won't allow removing a resource if it knows it is in use, but like @MaxZieb said, there are certain manual cases where Hype won't know... in which case you need to inspect things like inner html or javascript that might be trying to make use of it.

You're also welcome to post a zip of your .hype document here; we might be able to do a scan on the document data itself faster and pinpoint it.