Remove element with the start of 2nd timeline


Is it possible to have an element i.e image to be removed from a scene once the user presses a button to start a 2nd timeline? I have 2 characters running across a scene, one character is in a fixed position on the main timeline until the 2nd character catches him and then the fixed character starts running. I would like the character in the fixed position on the main timeline to then disappear from the scene once this has happened in the 2nd timeline, otherwise the character just remains in the scene in one timeline and runs in the other timeline! Is this possible in hype or will I have to investigate into coding, which I have no experience of?

You can use a timeline to set the opacity of the character to 0% if you want to remove them from the scene.

I need the character to remain 100% visible until the 2nd timeline animation starts. It all depends on when the user presses the button to start the 2nd timeline. I need the character in the 1st timeline to remain visible until this happens, which I can’t ‘time’ by timelines using opacity.

You can make the opacity change at the start of the 2nd timeline using an Instant Transition. This way it won’t change until the button is clicked and the 2nd timeline starts.

Reviving this topic as it relates to my current issue.

I have a bunch of buttons that show as stars. Each time a star is pressed I want it to show a unique image which I have separate timeline. When I return to my main timeline I want to see the remaining stars, but the recently pressed one should have been removed from this.

I understand your answer to removing the button element in a separate timeline which I have done as well. But when I return to the Main Timeline, that button element is back at 100% opacity. How do I completely remove it from the scene, specifically the Main timeline, once it has been pressed?

I don’t know if you solved your issue already, but if you make the first button as a persistent symbol you can move it to the side. If you return to first scene it will stay hidden.

hide (19.4 KB)


That’s exactly what i put in my withdrawen post. But then noticed they were talking about timelines and not scenes

Lol indeed :smiley:

But you’re right: the question was timelines, not scenes. Not sure if I know how to solve this…

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What you have said here is a bit confusing and may be why it was left un answered.

We suspect you mean jumping from one scene to another and back.

If you have not solved this, maybe you could clarify if you really mean Scenes where you say timelines.


Thank you, it was to do with removing ELEMENTS from a page which I solved using the following:
hypeDocument.getElementById(‘floorBox’).style.display = ‘none’;

Sorry it wasn’t clear but thank you again.

No prob. Glad you solved it.