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In the past, I added a few custom fonts using the Custom CSS procedure (@font-face, etc, and added the requisite font files to the resource folder.) I’ve decided to use Google fonts instead. Anyway, I deleted the font files in the resource folder, yet in the Head, the CSS for those files still appear. Does anyone know how to remove that CSS? The code can’t be directly deleted from the Head HTML.

Thank you!

Never mind.

Hi Quint!

How did You resolve the situation?

This procedure is to use ONLY in case you have already removed the fonts from the resource editor and some code is still there:

Close Hype, open the Hype project package and edit directly the “data.plist” (make a backup copy first) :wink:

Search for <key>headHtml</key> and edit the data between <string> and </string>, but be careful to how you format the data if you write something!

When you finish, SAVE FIRST and ONLY AFTER you can open the project again.


Thank You!

@Cescomare Thanks for the comprehensive response. I may try this later when I have my project squared away end-to-end.

@JimScott Instead, what I did was searched, more like hunted oneby-one across all my text elements, to find those that used the fonts that were no longer in the resource folder and switched them. This is not ideal but a sufficient workaround.

This “searching” can be a laborious and time-consuming process, especially with projects that have quite a few functions/files/images and elements in a scene. While not exactly the same, MS Excel has a trace feature (dependents and precedents) which help to track back what is being used by what. This sort of mapping would be incredibly valuable in Hype. It wouldn’t have to be a fancy graphical tool but a straight csv file that could be manipulated in Excel to show what’s connected to what and maybe even “when” a resource is being used.

Even so, the more I use Hype, the more in awe I am of what the Tumult folks have created.


This is an interesting idea!

Just for clarity, when you delete fonts and the ‘custom font’ entry in the resource library, you’ll see this:

Clicking ‘remove’ will remove the entry from the Head, but the text that has been set in that now-removed font will keep the font-family reference.

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I am using Hype 3 Pro.
When I delete a custom font from the resource library, it does so without any prompt (are you sure you want to . . .) and it does not remove the embed code from the head.

Having to edit the .plist file does not seem like a good permanent solution.