Remember which buttons clicked

I have a menu with 8 thumbnails. Each has a click action that goes to a new scene. I would like to put a tick against each thumbnail after it has been ticked while the document is open.
I have tried making the tick visible using a timeline on there main scene, but when I return its not visible.
Is there an easy solution?

The Menu bar is a Persistant Symbol.
This allows it to cross scenes and keep it’s state.

The Buttons, when clicked will:

Show a tick.
Slide the menu bar off screen.
Transition to the relevant scene.

The menu bar handle will:

When hovered over, slide the menu bar down to on screen.
When clicked will Slide the menu bar off screen as a manual action.

If you have long pages you may want to look at using the css fixed position property for the menu bar

Menu (262.4 KB) ( slight update, added home button )



Nice touch on the hovering menu routine!

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Thank you soon much Mark.
My project is setup a little differently as attached so I need to understand if I can do something (78.1 KB)

So maybe for you setup.

Menu Bar (340.8 KB)


Brilliant, thanks so much…and all without javascript!