Relative Timelines

Hi again,

I am re-reading the documentation again, but I can’t figure out the differences between absolute and relative timelines. I downloaded the linked file but I can’t quite get it.
Could someone explain it to me a little further?

Yeh - can be confusing at first. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Best way of explaining it is with a demo: (14.9 KB)

Drag the rectangle anywhere within the boundaries. Then click the “Move Rect” button.

This button runs the “Move Rect” relative timeline. The endpoint coordinates in this timeline is what counts here - the “Origin (Motion Path)” property. You could set the endpoint to “300,300” instead. Where ever the rectangle is initially located when the timeline is run it will finish up at the designated end point when the timeline is triggered.


Wow! Great! I got it.
Much easier to understand this way.

Thanks a lot.


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