Relative Timeline - Why different transitions for the same type of timelines?

I have 3 animations in the attached file for transition between 3 columns. All 3 animations are identical. I have enabled Relative for all 3 timelienes to ensure there is a smooth change of color between any 2 Columns (since one cannot tell in which sequence the user will click them).

However, the smooth transition only seems to work when you click first on Column A and then Column C. However when you click from
A to B or
B to A or
B to C or
C to A or
C to B

their is a quick disappear and appear flash before the fade occurs. Why?

How do you make them all work like when clicking Column A and then Column C (no quick disappear and appear flash) ?


Relative (45.6 KB) (18.2 KB)

so this is a setup with a new document. Hope it helps.


I deleted the animation of ‘visibility’ in the different timelines . Now it works.

Best regards, Kalle

Relative (45.2 KB)


Thank you so much! Great to understand the intricacy of state management in a little more detail for Relative Timelines.