Reimport files to Sprite Sheets


I would appreciate very much to have the possibility to reimport files to the existing Sprite sheets. That would be great for a case if you get new files and you don't want to replace and edit everything from scratch again.

Thanks for the request!

If you are importing from a single sheet file already, you can select that file in the Resources Library and control-click to choose the 'Replace' option.

For image sequences or gifs that Hype turns into a single sheet, I think a current workaround would be:

  • insert this as a new sprite sheet
  • drag the resulting file in the resources library out to the finder
  • delete this new sprite sheet
  • control-click on the prior sprite sheet file, choose 'Replace…' and choose the new image you saved to the finder

(of course we should make this easier, but maybe this saves you time for now)

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Thank you for your quick response. It would be amazing to have a better was than what you described although it works too.

But unfortunately, it doesn't work with the proposition of the new-old sprite sheets then. In the new-old sprite sheets, I can see coming another pictures in the row. I guess there is an error with the masking then...

Yeah, I think you would need the dimensions to be identical for this technique to work... the sprite sheet info isn't really updated, just the backing image.

I see. I think this working steps are not really so user-friendly. Hopefully, you will make it easier and user-friendly in the next months. I would appreciate it very much and I'm sure a lot of another users too.

Anyway thank you very much for your great work.


I think it would be great to have this feature and also the ability to decide how the new imported files should be scaled or adopted to the former files. I think that this point is also very painful now and it isn't so practicable as it should be. In generell, I wish I had more options and flexibility for this already amazing feature of Hype. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

If you would like to invite me to the beta user group you can do ti. I would appreciate it very much.

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Thanks! You've been added to the list for the next beta :slight_smile:.