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I’m in the middle of refreshing my website. I want to add a social media share URL to each page. The girl on the far left is the only other scene created. As of now, I have Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest as live share links in the upper right. I realize I’ll have to do this after I move it to my domain. Is there a place to rename the page? Like this for example:

Thank you!


Not sure what you mean by this:

Can you clarify? Were you trying to link to this page? Working with mediaqueries

Hey Daniel,
Hope to explain this right.

It might be something obvious I overlooked within the Hype interface. Is there a place I can rename the url before I export and upload? I want to name this page before I export to: for an example. Doing this, I want to add the specific tweet copy, creating a pre-filled tweet linking to that specific page. There’s a spot in the actions for a custom URL. I just need to find where I can add a vanity URL : “/leah-grace” within the dropbox export to test before I make the jump. I don’t want to do it after I load up the site if that is possible?

I don’t understand how you’re hosting your entire site with a custom domain on Dropbox, but if you use the export name ‘index’ during export, the filename ‘index.html’ will be created. If you place export that within the /leah-grace/ folder on a server, it will open the ‘index.html’ file. There isn’t a way to export in a folder you choose in the Dropbox export (this is a restriction on Dropbox’s part).

Ok. I’m testing in dropbox as normal, but it’s the alias I want to customize ahead of for when I move it to the site. Can I rename the page in Hype before exporting? Or do I go into the code and rename the alias?
Instead of a default alias like this:
to this:


Does that help clarifying?

Those two pieces of text at the end of your domain are simply folders. Just export with the name ‘index’ from Hype within one of those folders and your server will automatically load your Hype document.

Ok. I think I got it. It’s quick to tell, I don’t do this often. Thank you for being patient with me.


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