Reducing the size of the exported HTML folder

I read this topic

but it’s from 2016 and I wonder if there is something new for optimising the exported folder to the max.

For various reasons, the client can’t use a CDN so we are working in full physical delivery of the files.

The client does not care for IE6-8 and in that case I understand that I can remove the PIE.HTC file.
Also, the animation does not use the Physics features, so can we remove the FULL JS Library with confidence?

They say also that we must try to keep the folder’s size to less than 80 Kb. It seems to me that it is achievable only if we use native items in Hype with no Effects and no Vector shapes. Am I right?

Any other suggestion for optimisation?

Thank you.

A Hype document with a box is 60 KB on disk, 25kb ‘over the wire’. You can copy the contents of the Thin.js file into the HTML document to shrink + minify things down as low as possible. Assuming you only have Hype shapes (no vectors) and no images (inline SVGs would be great here) then this is the smallest you can get it:

This is just a minified version of a HTML document with the Hype runtime first, and the generated Hype JavaScript (based on your document content) after: (25.8 KB)

Loaded on a server that sends resources over Gzip, it is only 25kb:

There’s probably a few other ways to shrink this down but if you are super resource constrained this is what I would do.

Thank you!

Please see this thread for the full list of what can trigger usage of the full runtime:

You can use Advanced Export and uncheck “Support Internet Explorer 6-9” if you know with certainty you are not supporting those browsers. Then, Advanced Export will not include the full runtime at export if no other features need it.