Reducing load times

I have any hype documents on a page, and they all refer to the hype thin / full JS.

Right now I’ve had to put all of the different document scenes/files into one folder so it doesn’t reload the JS for every scene. Is there a way around this?


Basically, you can setup your own CDN. (Hype calls this external runtime URL.) Upload the thin/full to a central location on your website, then, use the advanced exporting option in Hype Pro to specify the URL of that location.

Also, if all of your projects use physics, you only need the “full” JavaScript. If not, use the “thin” JavaScript.

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I’d be sure to host both - the full version also is IE6-9 compatibility and there’s no telling what else we might do to split int he future :slight_smile:. There’s also the HYPE-ZZZ.waypoints.min.js file.