Reducing jerkiness

I have a web ad here, file below, that my client keeps saying seems jerky and not smooth. I’d like advice on what i’m doing wrong on getting the hearts to glide up and off the screen more smoothly…

Here’s the testing website, and then the live file.


Live 160x600 WebAd Page

Hype 160x600 WebAd File

I can’t download the zip file


I tested the url, and was able to download it. Can you try again? Maybe I had the url wrong??


Hi Chris!

  1. You should be using Motion Paths instead of “Left~Top Origin” point to point clicks.
    Motion Paths will create smooth curves or linear lines.
    Read about them here:

  2. These point to point segments in turn have a variety of “timing functions” working against themselves all in the same path flow. As each FingerPrint moves from point to point You have a mishmash of timing functions at each different point for the same element “ease-in~ease-out”, “elastic” (yo-yo effect), etc.
    Read about “Timing Functions” here:

I have also attached a demo reduced to one fingerprint using the above techniques: (23.6 KB)

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Thanks Jim! That’s awesome.

‘Rotation follows motion path’ also might be useful for you:

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Thanks, taking a look at all this great stuff now. thanks!!