Reduce filesize

(Georg) #1


I made an animated banner with hype 3 and unfortunately the size of the whole package is a bit high. so when I checked the link-section in the folder, the files were in their original size.

is there any function, that crops the picture to the part, that is visible or do I need to prepare the images upfront?



For Hype 2.5.3+, if you drop a JPG image (image.jpg) with the dimensions 200px x 200px, but you embed it in your document at the size 50px x 50px, here is what Hype does:

  • A 100x100 image is created called image@2x.jpg which is shown to devices with a 2x or higher pixel density.
  • A 50x50 image is created called image.jpg which is shown to devices with normal pixel density screens

This is the default behavior. To not generate any images, uncheck “Automatically Optimize when Exporting” in the resource library for the image. If you’re seeing something different than this can you share your document?