Rectangles pinned to flexible, fully-window image?

(Miguel Alvarez Aparicio) #22

Not exactly. This example you sent only would work for iframes bigger that the background image (>900px) but not under it. My question, and I think @gthroop’s also, and probably anyone who used EA before Hype, is how is possible that in EA you only have to click one box and no matter the size of the iframe the content will fill the 100%, and in Hype becomes something so complicated. I’m still hoping that is my fault, that I’m missing something very very obvious.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #23

There’s not currently a way to make all your content across all scenes expand to fill. But you can do it on a per-scene basis:

  1. Select all elements and group them
  2. Adjust the group size so it matches the scene size
  3. In the Flexible Layout options, set all pins and sizing controls on, and make sure “Zoom contents” is checked. You may also want to change the scaling behavior so that it preserves proportions.

Being able to do this at the document level would of course be a nice addition.

(Miguel Alvarez Aparicio) #24

Thank you very much for your help. I hope this idea is useful during development of Hype 4 :smiley: