Recommendations for Interactive Touch Screen and conversion for website

I have a client needing to create some interactive touch screens for their show rooms and my initial thoughts were to use flash (output as a Projector) as I have done that previously for a Museum and it worked well. However, it turns out they’re wanting the interactive to not only play on their touch screens in their show rooms but also run on their website, which means it needs to run on multiple browsers, devices etc… including the ability to run on tablets like the iPad. After looking around this is where I came across Hype, my questions are:

  1. Would you recommend Hype to develop a Kiosk style interactive?
  2. I need to work with multiple videos and transition to different scenes at the end of each video to continue user interaction, is this possible with Hype?
  3. Is there a way to run in a “kiosk" mode? (e.g.: Full screen and lock the user to viewing the interactive only)
  4. Whats the smartest way to work around the different screen resolutions (e.g.: 1920x1080 touch screen, 960x540 for website etc…), without having to create two different sized interactives?
  5. Are there any performance issues I would need to be aware of? (e.g.: I find I can have full screen HD animation in Flash and it runs smoothly)

Any recommendations or suggestions would be very appreciated.

I also am in the same boat. I’ve made quite a few Flash projectors for musea and that was always a very straightforward workflow. Flash is still a wonderfull tool. But indeed they now want to show it on the web too and that means support for operating sytems that don’t support Flash anymore.
I think html5 and Hype in particular are the best way for these new kiosk questions. but I’m afraid it will take a lot more effort. So no real answers from me, but also struggling in this field. Not working on any kiosks lately so I cannot share my experiences.

Anyways: for video you can use html5 for the cuepoints like in Flash. At least I read that it is possible There is a lot of functionality available in javascript, jquery etc. So don’t expect Hype to have it all on board: you have to add it yourself.
For Kioskmode you can use kiosksettings that some browsers offer, or use dedicated software for that. i believe there is a thread here that discusses the options. There are also ways to force a browser to go fullscreen, but that is also a bit tricky road.

I hope some more on this topic will show up here.

Hi Jody!

Try a search in the Forum for “kiosk” - You will get quite a few hits… should at least get You started.

Thanks Olav and Jim. I’ll take a look at that link re working with video cue points and do a Kiosk search in the forum - I probably should have done that first.