Recent Ads Made with Hype 3x

For those thinking to extend their animation and see whats possible with Hype, here are my 8 or so ads that were available to retailer affiliates portal, and because these are not google ads (publisher) specific they don’t have limits when it comes to size… hope it inspires some of you to do some clever things.


Hey Pete, love these ads, the Hasselblad one is my favorite with the zoom effect.

Did you use a filter effect for that

If you dont mind it would be great if you could share the hype file. It will be great for learning.

Thanks! The zoom effect can be achieved using photoshop filter < blur < radial blur and choosing zoom but it’s a bit laborious. From that point you can do a frame by frame animation and export in a sequence of images.
What I’ve done was actually much simpler, because I cheated :grin: lame, I know, you see the promo video from Hasselblad already came in with that animated effect, so what I had to do was just record a sample of the video with the zoom in effect and re-export in a sequence of images then delete some of the frames just enough to get the glimpse of the effect so it’s not too heavy on the load side. Then, load them images and animate in a simple “step in ladder” show and hide fashion to simulate a sprite since I was working in Hype Pro 3.6x. However, Hype 4 Pro has sprite feature where you can load a sequence of images. Regarding the file, I’m sorry at this time I can’t share the Hype file maybe someday I’ll make it available.