Really slow load times on iOS

(James Morgan) #1

I’ve recently noticed that interactives myself and my colleagues have built that we’re running in a webview in an iOS app are taking a ridiculously long time to load (like 15seconds). All of the assets are loaded locally within the app. The funny thing is, if I put the device in to airplane mode, they launch immediately. We’ve not changed anything in the code for these apps, they just stopped working recently.

A colleague noticed the hype file is referencing a dead link to apple QT plugin. Maybe it’s that?

Any ideas?

(James Morgan) #2

Have identified the problem as the audio assets being marked with ‘preload’. Removing that and rebuilding seems to solve the problem.


Hey James, sorry you’re hitting this issue. Are these audio files regular Mp3s? If you can share a small sample that we can reproduce that would be great. Any other info about how you’re showing this within an ios app would be great to know.