Reading external .js file from OAM exported Hype file

Hello everyone.

I would really appreciate some help with a “Hype3 Pro” document. It works perfectly when exported to HTML5 but when exporting to OAM widget (for wordpress) it doesn’t.

Basically just a script tag pointing to the url of a .js file in the “head HTML” on the Hype document. I am importing text from the .js file to buttons in the Hype document, the .js file is on the same domain as the wordpress site.

head HTML
script type=“text/javascript” src=“https://www.******.com/hype/file_txt.js” (shortened due to being cut)

TextA = {
starttxt1:“example text”

Hype function:
var txtexample = document.getElementById(‘starttxt1’);
txtexample.innerHTML = TextA.starttxt1;

Works fine in the HTML5 export, but not OAM.

I simply just need to be able to read the external .js file on the same domain.
Is there any limitation to doing this within a OAM export in Wordpress?


Can you see any errors in the console? Usually this fails due to restrictions that Wordpress imposes on requests (even on the same server). If you can share a test document and a URL where this is occurring that would be great.

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