READ: How to work with layouts and objects? 🤔

When I have created multiple layouts for responsive website
how can I insert the same objects (image, text…) at once to multiple layouts?

When I edit layouts changes apperars only on active layout.
It’s good feature, but is here any trick to insert object at once
for example into two selected layouts?
Or when I have created object in one layout can I insert it also to another layout?


Layouts are deep down different scenes, which means they have different elements. In some cases it’d be great to insert the same element in different layouts, in other cases not as much - so Hype errs on not doing it, but it would be a good feature request to pull items over/synchronize.

That said, there is a mechanism to keep content the same across different scenes and layouts; this is through the use of Persistent Symbols. Persistent Symbols are like a scene-within-a-scene but are kept alive and use all the same elements.