Randomized movement of background?

Is there a function that lets a background picture move randomized with very low speed, (without building an infinit timeline :frowning: )

Here is a rough example using Javascript.

There are two js functions.

The first has a timer that calls the other function every 12 seconds
The second gets the background image’s top,left and uses it in a randomiser.
Then moves the image accordingly. It also tries to take in account not to let the random number pull the image borders into the main view ( may need some work)

The math probably needs adjusting for yours but hopefully this gives you an idea…

randomMove.hype.zip (171.3 KB)

Hi Mark,
as usual … thanks, you´re a great help.
I have to experiment a bit with it, but thats pretty much what I needed.

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Sorry i'm new on Hype and i don not know how to use data.plist
Can you help me?

Sorry, I have no clue what you are referring to or how it is related to this thread ?

Inside the randomMove.hype.zip, there are only a couple of folders with picts an a .plist file..
And i don't know how use it.

You dont !.

The randomMove.hype is a special packaged bundle folder that is treated like a file.
You do not need to enter it. Just double click it and it will load it's contents into the Hype.app as a project.

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