Random frame appearing at beginning of widget?

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Whenever I export my file into an ibooks widget and then open said ibooks, the widget shows a random frame from one of my scenes at start up.

It seems to be rendered in since it is always the same frame.
To remedy this i tried deleting and redoing the scene and it seemed to remedy it as far as removing that start up frame, but it then decided to grab a new frame from a different scene and do the same thing.

Any one else have this problem? any solutions?

Heres the test file

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Heres the test file

ROBOTS AIN’T REAL Test copy.hype.zip (19.5 MB)

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Based on the current position of your playhead, an image titled ‘Default.png’ will be generated which will serve as the widget thumbnail. If you move your playhead to time 0 of your main timeline, this should make the random frame less random.

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Thank you so much Daniel!!!

I love this programs and you guys are in beast mode to help support your community!!!


Blast off!