Quit stringing me along

Yes that was a pun. I regret nothing.

So I didn’t realize that strings have a third qualifier other than single and double quotes. You can also use a backtick (`). The benefit of using backticks is I can easily concatenate things without adding a lot of extra quotes and addition operators.

My question is does Hype fully support backticks in JS functions? They appear to work but I’m not seeing the text color change like it does with regular quoted strings.

(for anyone else who wasn’t aware of backticks, the example below returns the same value.)


it’s more a question of browsersupport …

you may use a compiler for ES6 when preparing for production: https://babeljs.io/


This is a newer JavaScript function and I’ve filed a bug to update our syntax highlighter to color it. There should be no issues with it working as long as you’re on a modern browser.

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my hero :smiley:

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