Quicktime Movie Autoplay on iPad

Does anyone have a clever fix to allow a quicktime movie with audio to autoplay on an iOS Device (iPad).

Online research seems to indicate that Apple only allows muted quicktime videos to play. I have read a post elsewhere that someone have suggested that javascript can be used to load the scene with the embedded movie muted, then use javascript to toggle the movie to unmuted and then play the movie. Or alternatively, is there a way to trigger the movie to play once a scene is leaded.

I am sorry but I am not a code junkie so can’t do this myself, but if anyone is able to help I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance


Even if his “hack” coud/would work … what I don’t believe, you would be in a constant struggle against/with Apple and the policy to uphold the workaround. So I’d strongly advise against it.

If you want to find a proven solution… just have the user interact with your app before triggering audio playback like a button etc.

Hi Max

Thanks for your reply, the content is being used for an in-house App that is not being published via the App Store, so does not need to adhere to Apple’s guidelines.

So again, if anyone can offer any suggestions I would be very appreciative as it

If this is a native iOS app, you can modify the WKWebView configuration to allow autoplay of audio/video with audio tracks.

Otherwise if this is running as a web page from a URL, you’re out of luck. I believe Android allows home screen web apps to autoplay, but I haven’t seen that iOS yet supports the same.