Quickly change the text case to uppercase or lowercase

Hello everyone, I’m new to Hype and currently exploring all it’s features. There are so many :slight_smile:
I found the option to change the font style (bold, italic, underline), but what about the text case? Wouldn’t it be very helpful to be able to change the case in one click, just like the font styles?

Looking forward to your reactions!

Yes, I think this would be a nice feature request (along with a small caps option). In the mean time, you could do this with a little bit of code. First uncheck ‘Protect from external styles’ in the Document Inspector, then add this to the Head HTML:

	.mytitle {
		text-transform: uppercase;

Now for any element you can go into the Identity Inspector and add mytitle as a class name and it will be uppercase.


Thank you for your reaction Jonathan. Looks like a proper solution.
Hopefully my feature request will be implemented in the next version of Hype.

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