Quick sprite sheet question, how bad is red?

:upside_down_face: I love the sprite sheet function in Hype! But how bad is it if the given file size turns red? What trouble may that cause?

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 14.15.18

Well, it takes up about 60 Mb in memory (file size would be less - depending on compression). Rendering could be slow and mobile users might not like the amount of data they have to download.
Animating all 56 sprites on the screen simultaneously is prbably not a good idea…

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There’s a handy calculator here which will let you know where you might run into issues: http://www.williammalone.com/articles/html5-javascript-ios-maximum-image-size/

Large images require vast amounts of memory to load so they might crash a mobile device or slow down other animations.


Aha, I see. Bad if red it is. I need to revise my plans it appears. :wink:
Thank you for that super handy link!

@tgr Thank you too for chiming in!