Quick Question on Auto Saving

Hype 3.5.1 Pro use to give me an option to save on exit. If my project did not “Preview” correctly
I would simply select restore to avoid undoing the vast changes… I actually relied on this feature.

I reinstalled my Mac OS and Hype 3.5.1 Pro… ever since it does not allow this. It automatically saves
any and all changes as they are made.

I have noticed other applications doing the same thing like Code Runner.

Anyone know what is going on here? Did something change in OS 10.11.5?

Please help.

I don’t think anything changed in 10.11.5 specifically, but since you reinstalled OS X it is likely these reverted back to the default (the default may have been different on 10.7 vs. a clean install of 10.8+). The options are in the System Preferences’ General pref pane:

  • Ask to keep changes when closing documents
  • Close windows when quitting an app

Also note, as part of this OS X “Versions” feature Hype implements, you can always choose ‘File > Revert To > Browse All Versions…’, ‘Last Opened’, or ‘Last Saved’.

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Brilliant! Thank You. I have SD MicroDrives in all my laptops and reinstall frequently, I’m not sure why the setup was different this time, but the System Preference was not set to “Ask”.

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