Questions about: links .html and which sizes of scenes

Hello all,

I come to you for 2 tiny questions… (i didnt find answers which fit to its so i decide to post)

1/ so i want to produce a pretty complex websites (lot of datas to put and about management of it i think it is ok) so i decided to build it by hierarchy, i mean i want to create a index.html which will have principal animations and buttons, those buttons will link to others .html (and their folders) like that i will have a hierachy which will define and simplify a lot my maintenance and creation of others parts

for example: my HOME page will be under the name index.html in the folder /www/ of my server!
and i want all buttons created and put inside the datas needed
so let say a button of my index.html need to activate or link the sub-layout named index2.html (for example) which is in the

i tried to link the button of the index.html to the address which is:
but for sure i miss something cause it is not Ok at all :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

May you let me know what i did wrong?

2/ this question i think everyone had to see what to do with it!
So, i created my HOME page, and define some size of scene, but i think i did pretty too much and i want to do it just as a minimum cause working on an article and needing to do it on 4 or 5 sizes (for smart phone (2 possibilites), high def., normal def., etc etc)

So my question is simple:
Which sizes i need to choose minimum that it should fit to the maximum of screens of the users?
And also for the comportment of the “flex” i need to manage it as reducing or expanding? and also choosign “zoom”?

here the teaser, please be lenient i did it as a first project under hype so it is more like a “test” to see if everything fit to any of my futur visitors, now i manage the website with parallax (and it is impressive the results that i can have with this program):

also i dont know why but the time of charging is pretty long (around 5 or 7 seconds) when i see others websites done under Hype which are very reactive! if you havess ome advices, feel free…

thanx a lot!


If the URL works, you can test it before using it -- is the issue that the button is not doing anything or the the URL is wrong?

It's really your choice. If you use your document at as a starting point, it looks like you have created responsive layouts for different screen sizes. As long as you're happy with how it looks on different screen sizes, that's what matters :slight_smile:

This is likely your images 'preloading' before your scene appears. One way to speed this up is to turn off preloading for your larger images, or just preload a few key images that you want to make sure are loaded before your initial scene appears. This guide has a few tips on speeding up the initial load: Decreasing load times and optimizing performance: Preparing a Large project in Hype.

Excited to see what comes next!