Question: export without js (just need HTML + CSS)

I did a silly thing. Made a quick Advertiorial in Hype with 4 viewport layouts. I only need the HTML and CSS.

Is there a way we could export this small thing without Hype making it into a JS-driven file?

I cold just copy the loaded HTML and connect the CSS to it. But that is a lot of work. Could also just write it again from a new.

Yeah, would’ve been great if we had an option to output just html+css.

If you preview a scene in a browser and inspect the code (let’s say you have three simple boxes), you’ll see that HTML and inline CSS is written out. So you could copy that:

Once things get more complex, you’ll need to do some reconfiguring…

If you have external CSS, you could use this tool to inline everything:

But this is a good feature request regardless.

In the land of BOSCH we need to produce a lot of Job-pages. I wouldn’t mind if I could push em via Hype.

One option to add:
Could we also have a feature to push it via HTML4 and convert it all to a table? Good for newsletters.

Put that on the What if we had time and our main goals are done-list.

may help :slight_smile:

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