Question about pinning persistent symbols

(Jobes) #1

Using Hype Pro and I’m wanting to add a customer logo to the top right of every page.

So I imported the graphic as an SVG, placed it on the first page of my Hype document, changed the default pinning so it’s set to top and right, then right-clicked it and defined it as a persistent symbol.

I also accepted the option of placing it on every page. However the pinning on every subsequent page is back to the default top and left, not what I’d defined prior to defining it as a symbol. I’ve tried it a few times, but it seems to be the same. This is rather frustrating as it’s a 30pp document and I have to go through each page, select the element, and then define the pin options.

I’d have expected the symbol and its subsequent pinning / loyout options to have inherited what I used to define it in the first place. Am I doing something wrong, missing something obvious, or is this a known feature/issue/limitation? Thanks in advance!

(Greg) #2

You might be able to delete the symbol from the Resources pane then re-import it and place it in position then make it a persistent symbol.

Try it on a copy of your doc first.

(Jobes) #3

Thanks for the quick reply Greg. Yes, I’d considered that and I’d tried that a couple of times already (so there was no symbol in the Resources pane, and no graphic placed on any scene), but no luck I’m afraid. Wondering if there’s something else I could do…

(Greg) #4

Try positioning it where you want it then make it a persistent symbol. If you make into a symbol then move it, the other scenes will not follow the changes.

(stephen) #5

When you set the pinning before creating the persistent symbol you are actually setting the pinning on the svg, not the symbol itself. To set the pinning on all instances of the symbol you would need to first create a regular symbol and set the pinning on the symbol itself then convert the symbol to a persistent symbol.

(Jobes) #6

Stephen, thank you. I’ll try this again but the way you explain it makes sense… much appreciated