Question about masking


Sorry if it's been covered before, but I did search for an answer in these forums.

I'm trying to make a simple animation reveal. That emulates a scratch card being ... well ... scratched

I looked everywhere as well trying in Hype. Is it possible? Here is the storyboard.

P.S. It is for a non-profit organization.

Frame-1 Frame-3 Frame-2

Hi Jean-Luc!

This seems to be the most useful thread (there are a couple others):

Have not used any of these files myself in a "real" project, but the demos seem to do what you are requesting.

An example from the above thread: (2.2 MB)


Thank you Jim, I really appreciate your help! But I should have said that it is part of an ad banner campaign (from a non-profit organization about the risk of gambling). Here's an example made in After Effects.

So it should be like a regular web banner. Autoplay passive animation. But still, I don't know if it's possible to do this in Hype.

not out of the box, but you can include a js-library like ...

And does the animation will start by itself?