Question about blurry quality on images when in a group

I'm doing a short and simple name presentation for a seminar. Name and title will be changed for a bunch of people so it will be many videos. All will be exported to mp4.

I am doing a simple rotation in a "talking bubble" from name to title. Name (1. in Hypefile attached) works perfectly. Title (2. in Hypefile attached) get's blurry. I grouped them because I couldn't figure out how to make the transform origin to work properly if outside a group.

When I export to HTML5 both looks perfect. When I export to video nr 2 is blurry. Anyone? :thinking: (662.0 KB)

My guess… avoid image optimization on export and continued rotation values on rotation Y … rather than going from -90° to -180° flip the image in Photoshop and go from 90° to 0° … not tested.

Thanks Max will try that. There must be an issue on Hypes "export to video". I tried to convert the HTML5 export to mp4 using and the result is perfect. Very strange.

This might help as well…

Alternatively, do not put a 280% scale on the group. Make the group/image the final size you want via the "Placement" width/heights.

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Thank you Jonathan worked like a charm! Got another question. How do I spin this bubble in a normal way without it leaving the scene. Can't get the transform origin to work properly. I'm attaching a file. (1.3 MB)

It sounds like this is likely due to perspective being applied? Can you try adding this code to the Head HTML (via the Document Inspector's Edit Head HTML… button):


Super easy fix and worked like a charm. Thanks again Jonathan! I am not very good with code.

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