Pull Down Menu to Change Size of Box

Hello Hype people! Long time no post. I am working on making an interactive for a client who wants to see my photographs on her wall before buying them. I have it completely finished except that I want to change the size of the photograph so she can see the difference.


Ideally I want a pull down menu under the “black box” that is the frame, where you can choose one of 3 sizes and the box will resize. I have the idea but not sure how to implement or where I should turn next. Would love some ideas. Thanks!


A demo of your Hype document would be useful.

@JimScott the link is right there. I came up with an inelegant solution as I wanted to get it done. I added a button to go down the timeline and change out the size of the frame. Mostly just wanted to say hi to the old Hype crew.

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I was referencing a Hype file - sorry I should have been more specific - glad You found a solution that worked.

nice idea, well done :slight_smile: