Prototyping with Hype 3.0 Great blog post…

The Leader in Digital Prototyping
by Jon Bowman

Since its release (May, 2011) Tumult Hype has been making more and more remarkable improvements and climbing the ladder to be an industry standard as the software tool used to make prototypes.
If you’re not familiar with it lets take a look at some key features and why you need to stop reading this and download it today. Here are 10 reasons why Hype is an essential tool for your UX design arsenal.


Thanks Nick for the post. It is nice to see an expanding recognition of Hype.
Kudos to Team Tumult!

However, Mr. Bowman overlooked an important point - there should have been 11 reasons…

Reason 11
The engaged support environment provided by the Hype development team.

This is no small thing. To have members of the development team participating with their customers in a hands on manner is an invaluable aspect of the software experience.