Prototyping for Mobile (Tell me how you do your mobile prototypes)


Long time Hype user here trying to solve a problem with designing for mobile. For the most part, I’ve always used hype to either create a locked proportion interactive (both height + width) or a width-locked one.

However, as of late, I’ve been getting into iphone projects.

Here’s my problem. When I deliver this hype, I’d like to wrap a iPhone skin around my designs. However, the problem here is that in hype, is if I pick a locked setup (locked height/width to iphone proportions), I can’t scroll. If I put the contents in a group, and set the overflow to “Scrollbar”, this seems to work.

The one problem I’m hitting is that I can’t make “On Exit Viewport” and “On Enter Viewport” work in the “Scrollbar” group. I really want to show scrolling interactions, and having waypoints is paramount to these animations. The only other idea I had was to tie functionality to the scenes “Scroll up” and “Scroll down” actions, but these would be very perscriptive and wouldn’t give the users the ability to scroll.

Is there a way to make “On Exit” and “On Enter Viewport” work if I wanted to share this prototype in a browser? In a locked setup?

I know this is a little convoluted, but any help would be appreciated.