Proportional resize of whole Animation with browser window

Hello everyone!

I’m from Germany (so please excuse my english) and i’m testing Hype for our agency as an alternative for Adobe Edge Animate. Right now i’m rebuilding existing animations to get a first impression of Hype.

The problem i’m having right now: I want the whole Animation to scale proportional with the size of the browser. i don’t need anything to behave responsive. I just want the whole Animation to scale proportional, especially just the height, not the width. In Edge Animate i have two checkboxes to effect the whole stage. “Center Stage > Horizontal” and “Responsive Scaling > Width”.

Is there a comparable simple solution for that in Hype? It only works if i group everything and make the group to scale with the browser.

Maybe someone can help me with that? And don’t blame me for using Edge Animate :blush: I’m a Print-Designer and don’t know much about Code.

Thanks for maybe helping me!

well, you’ve already found it … that’s the way it would work within hype

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