Prolong animations on a timeline simultaneously by adding frames to all layers

Hello. I have a main timeline with 15 layers, each of them contains a simple animation of an object moving (different start and end point for each layer/animation though). I’d like to slow down the entire animation by adding the same amount of frames to all layers. Essentially I need to add the same amount of frames to each animation. In Flash I’d click into the timeline and add frames pressing F5. Frames would be added on all layers. Is there a way to do the same in Tumult? I want to avoid having to drag the end point of each animation separately as that would require me to calculate how far to drag each end point…

Many thanks for your responses!

Hi @Sonja

You can drag more than one animation if that helps (Highlight the animation you want and drag)

No way to add frames like flash, I’m sorry.

Hi DBear, thanks for your reply. That’s unfortunate but at least now I know. It would be very good if this was added to the programme in the future. A very useful functionality to have.


You should put in a request in the “Feature Request” category. :wink:

Like I said above. You can drag more than one animation at a time by highlighting all the animations you want and then dragging the ends or beginning and it will increase or decrease the timing of the animation (each one relative to the other and overall)

Quick Video: