Project completed: Heuristic website

Well, “completed” so far, the client still reviewing if the wants to pay it to be completely responsive so it only works on Desktop, Laptop and Tablets.

Here you can find the site:

I just wanted to share what I did using Hype and of course with the help of this community, both are impressive. Thanks for your time and for this amazing software.

If you have trouble navigating the site because it is on Spanish, you can use the right / left keys.

In case you are wondering, i did the 360 photos using my Nexus 5X, some photos where created using the Google Camera “Photosphere” feature and other with the Cardboard camera.

All the png’s in the site were optimized using this tool:


Fantastic Job David, very nice
Elegant animations, modern UI with a lot of contents, also 360 panos.


only one question, the layout is not responsive right?

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Yeah, is not “YET”, it was originally planed to be completely responsive, but the customer so far wanted only desktop version since it was cheaper, so it will stay like that for now.

Thanks for the feedback, Im was afraid the customer would not like it since it was an risky visual direction I took but he loved it.

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@Davirus - This is a well-executed project! Elegant design and functionality. I really like the way the you transition between sections. A great use of Hype and other media!

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great stuff, elegant design, looks hi-tech:)

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