Progress tracking for Hype Document: Make an element appear if a scene is viewed

I’m trying to design a progress bar for my Hype project and I would like to write an if/else statement which makes a picture of a green tick appear if a scene has been viewed.

Is this even possible?

Alternatively, I was thinking about including a button which allows users to click to mark a scene as complete and then the button appears. No idea how to start though.

Thanks for your help!
Greg (32.3 KB)
you can do sthg. like this using persistant symbols and custom behaviours.
tipp: if you convert the persistant symbol to a normal symbol it’ll change its function as it’ll just show the actual position.

this is just a concept! make it look nice :wink:

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WOW! Thank you. I’m trying to understand what you did here since I’m not familiar with the ‘custom behaviour’ option. What is the stag. and how did you configure the custom behaviour?


again i would suggest reading the documentation:

there’s even a video! good resource!


Cracked it! Thanks Hans for your help! I actually managed to do this without any code :slight_smile:

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