Progress Bar for Scenes

(Nyeusi) #1

Is there a way to create a progress bar (as a persistent symbol) that will show the duration of an animation in each scene.

It is a way to provide visual feedback to the user to let them know how long an animation I’m each scene is.

I’ve seen code for a preloader fir s whole document. I wonder if this could be modified to work with an individual scene.


(laggarto) #2

progress bar can be done as a pair of layers within the specific animation’s timeline.
use a layer with a box of small height with another one of a different color that covers the first one,
set the animation of the top one to the amount of length of the animation.

(Nyeusi) #3

Thanks for the quick response. I’ve actually tried the method you suggested.

I wanted to know if there was a way to achieve this that was less labour intensive. I plan to have several scenes and it would speed up production time if I had a symbol that I could copy and paste into each scene that would:

-calculate the duration of the scene
-automatically set the time of the progress bar to automatically match the length (in time) of the scene

Please let me know how something like this could be made possible.


(Mark Hunte) #4

Have a look at my post

You should be able to adapt it to what you want.