Programatic Behavior Builder - Behavior Diagrams

I think y’all hit the sweet spot with animation. Really fantastic and responsive. However, the behavior layer is mostly relegated to Javascript. This is fine but I think you’d get more folks to love the interactive side of Hype if there were other ways to build logic and interactions.

One model I really love is the way Demicron built into Wirefusion. It uses behavior boxes “wired” in a diagram.

The diagram shows outputs, inputs, and properties. So, for example, if you wanted to have a counter added to a scene with an output that is simply a number that counts up, you’d add in the counter block. If you wanted to influence the rate of increment, you might wire in a slider control.\ Pretty neat way to wire stuff together to build really complex things in a really simple way. Add in a way for folks to build their own “blocks” and add those to the community either as individual “black boxes” or as assemblies, and I think you’d make Hype an unstoppable product.

This is called Flow-based programming (FBP). It’s a common thing everywhere (practically every serious 3d package has it), except the world of JS. There is a startup called NoFlo (, that tries to make it an open source standard. There are so many ways to handle it. For the next step in “no manual coding” Hype evolution, I’d be content with Axure-like conditions and parameters menu.

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Thanks for the suggestions!